Enter the Host

There’s an epic frost lying at the heart of modern progressives Cool Memories’ Enter the Host, one that belies their breezy name. Bringing a scope and sense of widescreen drama reminiscent of the high druggy days of Genesis and Pink Floyd, Enter the Host offers a luxuriant odyssey toward the future, melding analog synth tones with epic song structures, ecstatic bursts of joy with contemplative drones—all in support of vocals sung as if from the center of an ice cave—perhaps that’s where the “coldness” comes in? -Sam Mickens


Experimental outfit Cool Memories are an intriguing bunch. Their dark, brooding journeys feature visceral guitar antics, while their some of their material has a quasi-Pink Floyd feel with shimmering acoustic guitars and uplifting vocals to finish. The band’s most recent release is DEBT (released in 2009 and can be found here) is chock full of odd ball dynamics such as the elegant acoustic breakdown of “Into a Blue Zone” or the sudden brit-pop shift in the mostly menacing “The Fair (whites).” -Richard Giraldi, loud loop press