Sat 7/5 Chicago, IL @ Situations w/ Ed Schrader’s Music Beat

Sun 7/6 Louisville @ Astroblack Records 1000 E. Oak St.

Mon 7/7 Nashville @ ???

Tues 7/8 Athens @ the Lodge

Wed 7/9 Harrisonburg, VA @ Crayola House 275 Old South High St.

Thurs 7/10 Baltimore @ ???

Fri 7/11 Philadelphia @ Bike Festival w/ Lazer Background, Jamaican Queens

Sat 7/12 Boston, MA @ ??? w/ Fat Creeps

Sun 7/13 Wooster, MA @ Distant Castle

Mon 7/14 Brattleboro, VT @ the Future

Tues 7/15 New York, NY @ ??? w/ Fielded, Lushes, Cloud Becomes Your Hand

Wed 7/16 Pittsburgh @ Gooski’s 3117 Brereton St.

Thurs 7/17 Columbus, OH @ Ace of Cups

Fri 7/18 Chicago @ the Observatory 3036 N Lincoln w/ Fat Creeps, the Hecks, the Lentils

Sat 7/19 Wisconsin @ ACRE Arts

Cool Memories was formed in 2009. We made our first record, DEBT with Donald Schroader at his studio in Nashville, TN. Our second record, ENTER THE HOST, was tracked in Chicago at Downbeat, again by Donald Schroader. It was mixed at Minbal with the assistance of Michael Govaere. This record is now available on the ultra-premium avant-pop label Shatter Your Leaves.

Making music is rewarding and cuts through pain and darkness in a visceral, immediate way, negating our deepest fears.