Like ordering water at a fast-food restaurant or surreptitiously using a private toilet; updating Facebook or re-Tweeting something banal; giving in or remaining silent, we do a dance with indignity nearly every moment of the day. In this way life is a series of humiliations, a near-constant assault on our ability to negotiate existence and justify existing. Out of the frying pan, into the fire, we say. No exit, no escape. Even suicides are botched.

Our little group, Cool Memories, was formed in 2009. Soon, we’d made our first record, DEBT with our friend, Donald Schroader, at his studio in Nashville, TN. There were a series of setbacks and hardships (none of which necessarily inform or influence the music we make) that no one will ever know about, but which nonetheless made being a band difficult. Our second record, ENTER THE HOST, was exponentially more difficult to make, fallible beings that we are. Again, Donald Schroader gave us a record that was more than we bargained for. This record is now available on the ultra-premium avant-pop label Shatter Your Leaves.

Don’t misunderstand, in many ways we’ve been very lucky. We’re talented -— collectively and individually. We have a working relationship with one another that feels healing and positive. Making music with friends is rewarding and cuts through pain and darkness in a visceral, immediate way, negating our deepest fears.

The night always ends, though. The house lights come up. It’s last call again and the police are here. The tour is cancelled. Or the bass player died tragically. Any way that you turn, another night in the fire, y’know?